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How Much Is Your Face Worth?

If you’re anything like me (which, for the sake of your bank balance, I sincerely hope you aren’t), most mornings start with trying to decide what to put on your face. I have containers full of make-up, and I try to use different products every day because otherwise I would never get through it all. However, on days when I’m not feeling particularly inspired, I have a fail-safe list of products that I know I can slap onto my face and they’ll leave me looking (relatively) polished. I started doing a little mental arithmetic one morning as I gazed lovingly…

La Dolce Vita Make-Up Tutorial

Regular readers will be familiar with our deep love for Charlotte Tilbury. My favourite look from her eponymous make-up collection is ‘La Dolce Vita’ and so I thought I would attempt to recreate the look for you using products available in South Africa. Note: I struggle to do a proper cat-eye flick, so this is more of an interpretation than a recreation, strictly speaking…hope you enjoy!

Jules’ Wedding Make-Up Trial

Jules is getting married in less than a month, and given that I (a brideslave) have been given the honour of doing her make-up on the big day, we thought we better get cracking and do a few test runs. As she is getting married in Greece, I need to make sure that the products I use are going to hold up in the heat – I don’t want her face to be slipping down her dress half-way through the ceremony! I have chosen a variety of primers and products with long-wearing formulations to ensure that she stays looking fresh…