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Three Really Good Face Masks for Congested Skin

Best face masks for clogged pores

Blocked pores and bumpy skin texture are daily struggles for those of us with more oily skin. To be fair, it’s on the less traumatic end of the acne scale but it can be frustrating nonetheless, and luckily it’s fairly easy to treat. Ingredients like salycilic acid, glycolic acid and other gentle exfoliants are a great way to reduce and prevent clogged pores, but a good blackhead-busting face mask can also be wonderfully effective. Here are three of my favourites:

Asian Skincare Haul

If you follow us on Twitter and Instagram you will have seen a post a few weeks ago featuring my haul from Peach and Lily, an Asian beauty and skincare site. I have been interested in Korean skincare for a while (all thanks to this post from She’s In The Glow), but felt quite overwhelmed by the product selection and didn’t quite know where to start. Enter, Peach and Lily. I first learned about Peach and Lily through Into The Gloss when they did a feature on the founder, Alicia Yoon (who, bizarrely, did an MBA at Harvard with a high school…

Review: GLAMGLOW Face Masks

A few months ago the lovely people at Metropolitan Cosmetics sent Jules and I a few GLAMGLOW face masks to try. For those of you not already familiar for GLAMGLOW, it was founded in 2010 for backstage and professional use in Hollywood’s entertainment industry. The masks were made available for retail a year later and proceeded to take the world by storm, picking up awards left, right and centre. The masks are loved the world over due to their ability to help the skin appear instantly camera-ready, refine pores, diminish visible imperfections, and produce a noticeable glow (hence the name). Given their cult status, we…

Favourite Five: Overnight Hydrating Masks

Overnight Hydrating Masks | All Dolled Up

I’m jetting off to London tonight and while I was packing my in-flight skincare kit, it got me thinking about all my favourite overnight hydrating masks. It’s the one product that I won’t go on a long-haul flight without so I’ve tried quite a few. Here’s my pick of the top five locally available moisturising masks, and although they aren’t all billed as for use overnight specifically, you could safely leave them on until morning for an extra boost of hydration: Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask (R395 for 100ml) – A creamy, oil-free night mask that helps skin replenish lost…