Currently Loving // New YouTube Discoveries

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If your YouTube appetite is as voracious as mine is, then you’ll be familiar with that feeling of disappointment when you’ve ploughed through your ‘Watch Later’ backlog, and you’ve officially run out of videos to watch. But never fear, because I have made some new discoveries over the past few months, and they’re guaranteed to bolster your subscription feed:

Allana Davison

If you love Estée Lalonde (formerly Essie Button), then I have a feeling you’ll love her fellow Candian Allana, too. Allana lives in Calgary with her boyfriend, Chad (total cutie, btw), and posts regular tutorials, favourites videos and vlogs. She is super chatty and relatable, and adorable to boot.

Hannah Martin

Hannah is a Bobbi Brown MUA and I first encountered her when she featured in this video with skincare icon, Caroline Hirons. She has the bubbliest personality and is basically a ray of sunshine – you can’t possibly be in a bad mood after watching one of her videos. As a member of the Bobbi Brown Pro Team, she only features Bobbi Brown makeup and tools on her channel, so be prepared to start compiling an esspensif wishlist.

Jamie Paige

Another Candian! Jamie Paige is a beauty vlogger and MUA with serious skills – I never miss her tutorials. She features a good mix of high end and drug store makeup, and I think her content is fresh and fun – her waterproof makeup tutorial really entertained me, as did her Urban Decay VICE lipstick swatches video.

Jessica Clements

I mean, could Jessica even be more gorgeous? Unsurprisingly, she is a model, and surprisingly, has two parrots which she keeps in her NYC apartment! Whilst her content isn’t exactly groundbreaking (you’re getting the usual tutorials, favourites videos and the odd clothing haul), she’s so charming and sweet that I nevertheless find myself glued to her videos.

She and her boyfriend have a vlog channel, which I have only just discovered.

Shonagh Scott

Shonagh is a professional MUA based in the UK, and she has worked on film, theatre and tv sets, as well as on photoshoots. I really enjoy her tutorials because you get lots of practical tips and advice – she talks you through how to execute certain looks based on your face/eye shape and colouring, which I think is relatively rare, actually. So many tutorials demonstrate how to achieve a cat eye, or how to contour using a ‘one size fits all’ approach, but these techniques are wholly dependent on your eye shape or face shape. Shonagh’s special effects tutorials are also incredible, you have to check them out – she is so skilled, I watch them in awe.