Summer Beauty: Favourite Facial SPFs

Best facial SPF | All Dolled Up

I don’t wear SPF on my face every day. Controversial, I know! The truth is that I don’t buy into the skin cancer fear-mongerers who would have us believe that we need to slather ourselves with SPF 50 in order to spend eight hours at a desk. I think it entirely depends on your lifestyle and your skin type, but since I have an office job and medium-toned Caucasian skin, I don’t have to add a heavy-duty SPF into my daily routine.

I rely on the SPF within my moisturiser to protect me from incidental exposure during the day but I ramp it up to a high-factor, dedicated SPF if I’m exercising outdoors or hitting the beach. I’m well aware that sun damage is extremely ageing and I certainly don’t want to get burnt, but I can also see the positive effect that a healthy dose of sunshine has on the quality and tone of my skin. I’m not saying you shouldn’t wear SPF, I’m just saying take your skin and your environment into account when deciding how much is enough.

For days when a Big Daddy SPF is required, these are the ones I like the most for my combination-oily skin because they’re light and not too greasy:

Best facial SPF | All Dolled Up
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6 comments on Summer Beauty: Favourite Facial SPFs

  • Terri

    Great post.

  • Lize Hartley

    Nimue SPF40 is amazing. Not too greasy, and the science behind it is amazing. They did a total revamp of the formulation and were one of the first products to be approved by the new Cansa standards. Bioderma is a miracle product, basically- I use their body SPF.

  • Prettiful

    I love the bioderma, I use the tinted one. Kiehls is also a great buy, but quite expensive

  • Tori

    I am the biggest fan of the Kiehl’s one and (even better) the Institut of Esthederm – it is INSANE!

  • Brig van Selm

    Super post, thanks! Camilla actually recommended Bioderma a while ago to me and I am an avid fan now!!! good to know other options too!

  • Liz

    When you’re next doing a Boots order, try the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer DryTouch sunscreen. Granted I have fair skin but in summer that mixed with a little BB cream in a slightly darker shade that I’d normally wear = the best tinted sunblock

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