Review: OPI Chip Skip Nail Lacquer

OPI Chip Skip


After reading Charlotte’s guest post on the key to a chip free mani, I decided that it was high time for me to investigate this nail dehydrator business. I picked up a bottle of OPI Chip Skip Nail Lacquer in the hopes that it would help prolong the life of my manicure. Here’s the rundown:

How does Chip Skip work? It works by dehydrating the surface of your nail by absorbing any surface moisture/oil. By eliminating that layer of moisture or oil, it allows the polish to really adhere to your nail and stops it from chipping as easily.

How do I use it? Chip Skip must be used in addition to your base coat, not instead of it. You paint it directly onto your bare nails and then apply your base coat on top. The brush that comes with Chip Skip is shorter and stiffer than the brush of a standard polish, and the consistency is very liquid, but dries instantly.

Will it damage my nails? Chip Skip only dehydrates the surface of your nail, it doesn’t actually penetrate the nail, so it won’t dehydrate the whole nail plate and bed. Based on other reviews I’ve read, this product doesn’t appear to be any more or less damaging than the other products we all use on our nails. I will keep using this and report back in a couple of months when I can gauge it a bit better.

Where can I get it? I got mine from Sorbet, but you should be able to get it from most nail salons, Wellness Warehouse, or Edgars Red Square.

How much does it cost? R215.00.

What’s the verdict? Chip Skip is the business. As I type this I am on day 6 of my manicure and I have no chips. This product, combined with my trusty Seche Vite Fast Drying Topcoat, means that my nails look as glossy and fresh now as they did when I first did my manicure. A must-have for any at-home nail kit.

Chip Skip
The colour on my nails is OPI’s The Thrill of Brazil.

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