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The Wedding: Make-up Tutorial

On Monday you would have seen all the “getting ready” photos from the wedding day and today we have a video tutorial for you that shows an everyday version of the look I wore. It’s a very classic soft eye with a neutral lip that can be amped up for a special occasion, or toned down for day-to-day wear. Enjoy!

The Wedding: Getting Ready

Today I thought I would share some photos from the getting ready process on the big day. The wedding ceremony was at 6pm so I had the whole day to spend with my girlfriends and took plenty of time doing hair and make-up. I hated the idea of being isolated from everyone during the build-up so I invited all the girls to pop in and visit me and the bridesmaids, which was quite successful at helping to keep the nerves at bay. We had such a lovely, relaxed afternoon with Misha AKA Brandslut doing a magnificent job on everyone’s hair…