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Vintage Maybelline Advertising

An ad for Ultra Lash (later renamed Great Lash) - the world's first "automatic" mascara

I’m sure you know the famous story of how modern mascara was invented? If you don’t, it goes like this: Back in 1915, there was a young chemist living in New York named Tom Lyle Williams, who’s sister Mabel had recently singed off her lashes and eyebrows in a small kitchen fire. He noticed her applying a mixture of Vaseline and coal dust to her eyelashes to give them a darker, fuller look and the idea was born. Two years later, after establishing a company called “Maybelline” (Mabel + Vaseline), he launched Cake Mascara, and later, the first “automatic” mascara which reloaded…

NEWS: No More Animal Testing In The EU

No more animal testing in the EU

This is arguably the best news I’ve heard all year! The European Union has, after almost 20 years of tireless campaigning from animal rights groups, confirmed that it will be banning the import and sale of animal-tested cosmetic products (including ingredients) for member states from March 11 2013. This means that from this date onwards, anyone selling new cosmetic products and ingredients in the EU will not be allowed to test them on animals anywhere in the world. This ban does not just affect luxury products either, it applies to everything from skin creams to toothpaste. This is a very…