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Battling with ‘Winter Face’? Here’s How to Fix It.


I believe it was Alexa Chung who coined the phrase ‘winter face’ in a Lisa Eldridge video a few months ago (watch it here). You know what she means: that dry, lackluster, grey skin that seems to surface as soon as the temperatures drop. Gone is your spring/summer luminosity, radiance and clarity, and left in its place: flat, one-dimensional skin. Bleugh. Despite loving winter and the accompanying roaring fires, jerseys and general cosiness, I loathe what it does to my skin. The good news is that even though winter face will try and stake its claim, you can avoid it…

SkinCeuticals Art of Mixology

SkinCeuticals 1

As Jules so succinctly put it: there are certain skincare brands that I feel 100% comfortable putting on my face for the first time because the brand trust is so strong, and SkinCeuticals is one of them. SkinCeuticals have spent the past forty years developing ground-breaking formulations and creating products that are unrivaled in their efficiency, firmly establishing themselves as the leaders in advanced skincare. Yes, the price points might be a little bracing, but given that all of their products are scientifically verified, you have the comfort of knowing that you are slathering your face with the best of the…