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Camilla’s Current Makeup Favourites

Now that my boyfriend is firmly back in town, I find myself schlepping a bag between his home and mine on daily/weekly basis (exhausting). I loathe packing, so keeping my makeup bag prepared at all times is the only way I can maintain my sanity. Here’s what’s been on my face for the past couple of weeks (in keeping with my ‘more is more’ mantra, there are lots of products):

USA Beauty Haul

You may be confused by the title of this post, given that I have not been to America this year (I will leave that to Jules). However, my mule (read: boyfriend) has been there for approximately seven weeks, and as emotional compensation I am allowed to order whatever make-up my heart desires and he will bring it home for me. Lush. Let’s dive right in, shall we: Lorac PRO Palette: I have wanted this palette for the longest time, but it was only after watching Sharon Farrell’s latest video showing how she created 5 different looks with this palette, that I decided…