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July Favourites: Camilla

Marvala Nail Shield A few months ago my nails were looking seriously worse for wear and I thought to myself “I know, I’ll try Gelish for a little while and see if it helps”…in the words of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman: big mistake, huge! Not only did Gelish not help, but it actually made my nails worse (not throwing shade at Gelish here, by the way, I think it’s bloody brilliant and I loved having glossy, chip-free nails for 2 months – if my nails were stronger I would absolutely have kept getting Gelish manicures). When my manicurist scraped the…

Camilla’s Current Skincare Routine

As mentioned in our Best of 2013 video series, I have completely changed my skincare routine over the past couple of months – I’ve even binned my good old Cetaphil cleanser after fifteen years of faithful service! I wanted to run you through what I’m using at the moment because I have seen such great results, and I thought it might be helpful if any of you are looking to switch things up a bit.