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Top 5 Makeup Products of 2017

Top 5 Makeup Products of 2017

So now that it’s February (!), I thought I should probably get back into blogging and what better way than to reminisce about the makeup products that lit a fire in my belly last year. Having high exposure so many new beauty goodies is a blessing and a curse – it’s amazing to be able to try so many lovely things but it can also lead to major beauty burnout. These five (ok, six) glorious makeup items that I started using in 2017 never lost their shine, no matter how uninspired I was by the contents of my dressing table:…

May Favourites: Jules

L'Oréal StudioLine #TXT Supersizing Spray | All Dolled Up

This post should really be called “my most used travel products” as they were all on heavy rotation while I was away for most of last month. I completely overpacked (as usual) and even though this meant I had plenty of skincare and make-up options, I still used the same small set of products almost every day. Here are the highlights: Benefit Porefessional Face Primer The dinky little miniature of this world-famous primer came in really handy in the sweltering heat of New York. My make-up was literally melting off my face but a layer of this underneath my base…