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Dermapen Aftercare: Tips & Product Recommendations

At the risk of being extremely repetitive, I want to tell you all again how happy I have been with the results of my ongoing Dermapen treatments. 18 months and about 8 or 9 procedures down the line, my skin is noticeably firmer, fine lines are reduced and my pigmentation is significantly lighter. It’s not the most fun in the world – the treatment is uncomfortable and your face is on fire for 24 hours afterwards – but it is 100% worth it. Caring for your skin in the days after Dermapen is an important part of managing any discomfort…

The Best Skincare for Oily Skin

The Best Skincare for Oily Skin | All Dolled Up

Although it’s much more under control now, I’ve had some version of oily/combination skin for as long as I can remember. Learning how to properly hydrate my face has made the biggest difference but I definitely still battle a shiny T-zone on a daily basis, especially in summer. The following list of skincare products are the ones that I have found best to help control and manage oily skin* and its effects. First, a quick overview of the skincare strategy for oily skin: In the words of skincare expert Tata Harper: “In an ideal world, our skin maintains a healthy…

Camilla’s Skincare Routine // The Add-On’s

A few weeks ago I wrote about the all-Environ routine that I’ve been following for the past six months. Whilst I am faithful to Environ for cleansing, toning and moisturising purposes, I still love alternating my masks and exfoliators. Here’s a run down of the ones I use most regularly: Added Extra: The Exuviance Vitamin C+Antiaging Booster is the newest addition to my skincare arsenal, and I am absolutely blown away by how effective it is. I’d never tried a Vitamin C powder formula before, so this was definitely a new experience for me – you simply sprinkle some of the powder into…

Jules’ Evening Skincare Routine

My Evening Skincare Routine | All Dolled Up

It’s taken me a while to get into a groove with my evening skincare routine, mostly because I have the attention span of a goldfish and like to try lots of different products all the time. It has left my skin a little frazzled though, so a few months ago I decided to regulate my routine in an effort to rebalance my oily/combo/dehydrated skin and the consistency has really paid off. Here are the simple steps I follow and the products I use in them: